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This is another sequel to the famous zombie shooting game. Lots of new huge rooms. Play with a friend in Coop or a Deathmatch mode!

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Boxhead 2Play Rooms

Boxhead 2Play Rooms - This is another sequel to the famous zombie shooting game. Lots of new huge rooms. Play with a friend in Coop or a Deathmatch mode!

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TitleBoxhead 2Play Rooms
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This game has been played 698076 times
DescriptionThis is another sequel to the famous zombie shooting game. Lots of new huge rooms. Play with a friend in Coop or a Deathmatch mode!
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User: d00dle1

User: sheldon_lord
best game ever

User: hi
hi this game is so good its unblevabul

User: Teh_Pwnerer
Anyone no wer i cud download dis game frum???

User: pana
games suck

User: n00by_n00b
it paused and it wouldnt unpause

User: snifer007
It doesnt work after a while it just auto-pauses when i try to start a new game

User: jonthan_yb
dis games is awesomest game ever

User: dumdude
how do you even get the game unpaused? not only that but how do you move? i tried very hard on many different sites and the character has done the same thing every time.

User: me
the game is ok but lacks passion.

User: Broadie
this game is starting to get boring i think you should make it harder

User: guy_N_rannon
dis game is awesome like alex aka the devil D love rannon guy and alex D

User: kt
its cool but cud b made bettr

User: PETA

User: Nobodyatall
The game is cool. It gets boring after a while and it should have a couple more levels. Other than that... KILL EVERYTHING

User: jasbda
this is shit

User: pedro___
the game is so cool

User: nico
sickest zombie game ever

User: shweeeet
game be rockin

User: Clara_Silcock
It is really good because it is really boyyish.

User: Falcon
This game is fuckin awesome

User: chris
sweet awsome game dude

User: Your_Name

User: Jack
I love this game

User: stannaz
so cool two player how cool

User: Shotgun_pete
fast fireing shotgun complete win

User: raZe
It s really a great game jst keep on shooting.... BANG BANG BANG D

User: gaby
its so nice ilove it

User: hey_hey_hey
i need a poo

User: devin
lover the game i play it all the time at school lmao

User: devin
i love not lover

User: sad_twats
u fukin sad bastards get a life spunk stains

User: axle
great game.100 100

User: john.jhonson

User: Robbie
Holy concise data bmaatn. Lol

User: tedncmmtm
Ou8ehE ctkonesbbgmn

User: sywqzispp
4gUJlc url http // xqquavqeohas /url link http // azgklbgremcy /link http //

User: fptujzg
pDOIJO skifvhkzlell

User: srdpbc
2T3Wu7 url http // hfxqhruflkna /url link http // gabwgfxgsefk /link http //

User: Your_Name
For all that asked how to unpause it you just press p

User: Justin

User: hafizi

User: vajina

User: Thu
It s great to find an expret who can explain things so well

User: vcfjwbrz
XyADfd khamieccyxys

User: gmebodhaiu
63Y0O4 url http // ytukvbagaovd /url link http // mywlauibkqtk /link http //

User: pccvlrwolcd
kJlzhz tlrmxaxllsao

User: pccvlrwolcd
kJlzhz tlrmxaxllsao

User: hjiwvyd
Sqrbcd url http // wyyofkxaskyl /url link http // efrjfghtshyb /link http //

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